Wherever we try to look at it, smoking is very dangerous and can actually be deadly. Of course, even the advertisements admit themselves that their product is dangerous, especially when abused. That is why moderation is really the key if they still want to continue their vices.

However, when vapes are introduced, more and more people are now switching from the old cigarette to the vape device that is placed with a juice with different flavors and apparently, study shows that it is healthier than using a cigarette.


Why Is It Not That Safe

  • Abuse – as it was mentioned, everything that is used too much will be bad. In the case of using a vape, a single 120ml eliquid is still fine since it doesn’t contain that much nicotine. However, when the user actually uses more than 3 bottles of the juice in a day, that can be a serious problem.
  • Batteries Exploding – there might not be cases where people died because of using a vape. However, some people were injured because they are carrying one around with them. Since it is a device run by electricity, it needs battery to function and sometimes, people tends not to take care of it properly and ends up exploding after being in a standby phase. Once the juice runs out and you didn’t refill for a long time while it is on, there are really chances that it will burn and eventually explode

  • Juices are not meant to be ingested – since it was named vape juice, a lot of people might misunderstand that it can be placed in your drinks and you would taste the smell. This is very wrong since the vape has a device inside it that burns the juice and eventually turn it in a vapor and leaves the taste in your mouth as well.