Your privacy is ensured by accommodating only a small number of guests in the three bungalows and 4 double rooms, where a maximum of 20 persons can be accommodated at any one time. Tariff’s are affordable.

The bungalows sleep 4 persons and are fully equipped for self catering. For the more adventurous, provision is made for an unforgettable night – sleeping under the stars.

Camping sites and Caravans are for hire at a separate camping and caravan camp, with all basic amenities.

Bungalows: (ideally for a small family) of 4 Persons N$/ZAR 400.00
– 2 or more nights per night          N$/ZAR 320.00

Double Rooms: Per adult per night                            N$/ZAR 120.00
2 or more nights per night                                           N$/ZAR 100.00

Children under 14, sharing with Parents                    N$/ZAR 60.00

Caravan Park

Hire of Caravan on site for maximum of 4 persons/night  N$/ZAR 160.00

For 2 or more nights per night N$/ZAR 140.00

Sites for Caravans

Site for a maximum of 4 persons per caravan per night N$/ZAR 100.00

For 2 or more nights N$/ZAR 90.00

Sites for tents

Sites for a maximum of 4 persons per tent site per night N$/ZAR100.00